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RRsat to Launch New Content Management and Distribution Solution for Russia and the CIS

Solution includes RRsat's Ku-band MCPC platform on the new Yamal-300K satellite 

Airport City Business Park, Israel – April 9, 2013 RRsat Global Communications Network Ltd. (NASDAQ: RRST), a leading provider of comprehensive digital content management and global distribution services to the television and radio broadcasting industry, announced today the launch of a new solution that enables major international broadcasters to reach cable headends and direct-to-home (DTH) television broadcasting in Russia and the Commonwealth of  Independent States (CIS). The solution has already been utilized by multiple RRsat customers, including SonLife Broadcasting Network (SBN) and Angel TV.

RRsat’s new end-to-end solution for Russia and the CIS includes a full range of services from content capture, production and management through distribution and extensive playout services from the RRsat Emek HaEla teleport in Israel. The solution combines RRsat’s  Ku-Band MCPC platform on the new Yamal-300K satellite,  which covers western, central and eastern regions of Russia and the CIS, reaching 98% of the population, and utilizes frequencies that are ideal for DTH television broadcasting and for TV contribution to cable headends.
“RRsat’s new solution for Russia and the CIS demonstrates our commitment to helping our clients cost-effectively expand their broadcasts to reach viewers throughout the world,” said Lior Rival, Chief Commercial Officer at RRsat, “We are thrilled to offer a new solution that, combined with the optimal coverage provided by the Yamal -300K satellite, enables our customers to reach almost every household in Russia and the CIS, a population exceeding 275 million people.”

The Yamal-300K satellite was launched in 2012 at 90˚ east, a highly attractive position, similar to the Yamal 201 satellite. RRsat’s Yamal -300K platform is designed for carrying SD, HD and 3D content and enables reception by antennas with a diameter of less than 90 cm. 

About RRsat Global Communications Network Ltd.

RRsat Global Communications Network Ltd. (NASDAQ: RRST) provides global, end-to-end, content management and distribution services to the rapidly expanding television and radio broadcasting industries, covering more than 150 countries. Through its RRsat Global Network, composed of satellite and terrestrial fiber optic capacity and the public Internet, RRsat provides high-quality and flexible global distribution services 24/7 to more than 630 channels reaching multiplatform operators, Internet TV and direct-to-home viewers worldwide and also offers occasional use services for sports, news and events with a fleet of flyaways and over 10 transportable satellite news gathering services (SNG) units.  More than 130 television and radio channels use RRsat’s advanced production and playout centers comprising comprehensive media asset management services. Visit the company's website


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