November 2012


Dear Friends of Rambam,

We are excited to share with you some recent photos of Rambam’s new West Campus. As you can see, great progress has been achieved with our development effort. The Ruth Children’s Hospital with its beautiful 8th floor lobby is almost done; there is only one more floor to go. We are moving ahead at full speed to complete this hospital and move the clinical departments in during 2013. Both the Fishman Oncology Hospital and the Cardiovascular Hospital are also rapidly progressing and due to be operational during 2014 and 2015, respectively.

Between these three buildings is space for the 20 floor biomedical discovery tower that will be built in collaboration with the Technion.

These are exciting times. We invite you to visit us and feel the pulse at Rambam. It is fast but healthy!

With best personal wishes,

Professor Rafi Beyar
Director and CEO
Rambam Health Care Campus


Ruth Children’s Hospital
Note the 8th floor lobby on the top right.

The overall development project

1) Ruth Children’s Hospital

2) Future site of the Biomedical Discovery Tower

3) Cardiovascular Hospital

4) Joseph Fishman Oncology Center

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