Newsletter # 12 September 2012

The Metzilah Center

was founded in 2005, to address the growing tendency among Israelis and Jews worldwide to question the legitimacy of Jewish Nation State and its compatibility with universal values

September 2012 Rosh HaShana 5773

Dear friends of Metzilah

The year 5772 is reaching its end and 5773 is about to begin.

Each year we deal with new and great challenges and each year we hope to be able to deal with those challenges on the personal and on the professional level. We wish to have the personal strengths, the spiritual and concrete sources and the tools to face the challenges with which reality confronts us.

The Metzilah Center had dealt with quite a few challenges this past year. We entered this year with the great challenge of redefining the organization structure of Metzilah and its staff as well as the professional challenges of completing great projects. Each of us entered the year with the task of dealing with personal as well as professional challenges.

We can look back on the past year with great pride and satisfaction. The organizational structure has been stabilized, we have completed the long process of translating into English the book "65 Years to the November 29th Resolution, 1947" and we have reached the highpoint of the great project of "Civil Marriage in Israel". But even as we share this satisfaction we face a great deal of uncertainty regarding our future activities. The economic situation is not simple and constantly reminds us that we always have to devote considerable efforts to fundraising and of course to holding on to our loyal and devoted friends

"I once mentioned that Zionism is an endless ideology and I truly believe that also after achieving our goal of a Jewish State, the Land of Israel will never cease to be an ideology. Zionism, as I understand it, includes not only the aspiration to a piece of land for our sorry nation, but to a moral and spiritual wholeness as well" (Benjamin Theodor Herzl)

For us, here at Metzilah Center, Zionism is not only a challenge but also an endless ideology and will always be one. Throughout the 120 years of Zionism other values such us Judaism, Liberalism and Humanism have been joined to it and throughout the year and through all the years we have endeavored to uphold these values in unison.

We wish all our friends a year of personal and professional fulfillment; a year in which we will all aspire to moral and spiritual wholeness. We know that this goal and the effort to achieve it are in themselves endless tasks, but that is precisely what makes them both challenging and exciting.

A Happy New year

The Metzilah Center Staff




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What’s New at Metzilah?

We are happy to announce that our dear friend Allan Arkush has join Metzilah's board of directors and has agreed to serve as Chairman of Friends of Metzilah Center. We thank him for voice of support

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Academic Library Initiative Continues

The MetzilahCenter is dedicated to education and to sharing our work with the rising generation of leaders and scholars. As such, Metzilah has decided to launch a new publications initiative aimed at academic and university libraries both in Israel and abroad.

The new initiative offers libraries the opportunity to obtain high quality hard copy editions of publications in Hebrew and English.

The publications are now being offered at a discounted rate. It is our sincere hope and belief that these works will make an important contribution to research, policy and scholastic endeavors. Please consider recommending to your library to order Metzilah’s publications. 

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For further resding about the book click here (in Hebrew)

Bound hardcopies may be ordered by contacting Metzilah’s Jerusalem offices

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Can be downloaded from our website here


The English Version of "65 Years to the November 29th Resolution, 1947" Soon to be Printed!

We are proud to announce that the English version of the book "65 Years to the November 29th Resolution, 1947" will be published- printed and online- by Continuum Books Press in the US. We thank Continuum Books Press for their cooperation on this matter.

The English title of the book is

The November 29th Resolution

Sixty-Five Years Later

The Partition Resolution and the Controversy Surrounding It: Studies and Sources

The Hebrew book is available both in print and on our website.


Save the Date!

Mark your calendar- a joint conference held by Metzila Center and the Institute for National and Security Studies about Immigration Policy of Israel.

Monday, October 29th   4:30pm-8:30pm @ The INSS in Tel Aviv

Detailed invitation will be soon sent

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